• Waiex E-Flight electric-powered plane for eco-friendly flying

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    After electric trains and cars, the world is all set to be introduced to electric planes! The Waiex E-Flight Electric-Powered plane is the result of a partnership between Sonex Aircraft LLC and AeroConversions who are the pioneers in aircraft technology. The electric plane will use a DC cobalt motor, controller, and highly efficient battery and charging system. The emphasis will be placed solely on power plant research and development to develop an efficient sturdy and efficient power system. This e-Flight electric system will be able to power a larger aircraft to top speed of 130 mph with an increased endurance of 25-45 minutes or longer, depending upon power usage on each individual flight.

    With respect the swinging prices of aviation fuel, and polution caused by the combustion of this fuel, electric planes certainly look like the bright future of eco-friendly and affordable flying.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 22, 2009