• Trucks to go green with TrailerTail on its rear

  • TrailerTail.jpg
    Trucks are known to be one of the main reasons for air pollution, with these multi-axel gas-guzzlers drinking precious liters of fuel time and again, spouting out nauseas gases in the atmosphere. Soon however, trucks will simply have to cut down on their drinking habits, with the Environmental Protection Agency hell-bent on issuing fuel economy standards for trucks. Befitted with TrailerTail that protrudes almost four feet from the rear, the truck can minimize its carbon footprint. This re-shaping will help to increase fuel economy by about 6 percent, which is about eight gallons per 1,000 miles traveled. And given the sudden outburst in automotive technology with newer alternative fuels taking the lead, we’re pretty sure turning trucks green won’t be too much to expect.

    And yes, given that trucks tend to sport longer bodies and are usually out on the highways moving across the interstates, hooking up solar panels on the top of containers could probably help juice up the electrics inside!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 26, 2011