• The Toyota Prius just put on a lot of swag

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    The Prius by Toyota has oftentimes been the butt of many jokes. The forerunner in the world of hybrids has seen a generation of hybrid cars come in, and how. Toyota were well-braced for better looking and better performing competition along the way, which is why they went on to give the Prius an overhaul it deserves. Their renewed zeal is towards delivering greater fuel economy, lesser emissions and enhanced efficiency. From the looks of it, this fourth generation Prius sure wins in the hybrid pageant category. Under the hood, the car has efficiently managed to achieve more than 40 percent thermal efficiency. The size of the components have also been worked upon to create a clutter free environment and reduce the weight. The battery seems to be a better performer.

    The all new Toyota Prius is a great mix of some necessary remnants from the old and vital additions from the new. The wedge shape remains intact while the spoiler at the rear steals the show. Also, the digital console is something we totally dig.





    [Via – Designboom]

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