• Plastic bodied truck by UPS cuts off weight by 1,000 pounds, turning 40% more efficient

  • UPS-Plastic-bodied-truck.jpg
    UPS has had enough with those heavy delivery trucks, and has opted to use ABS plastic instead of sheet aluminum, constructing a lighter fuel efficient and recyclable truck. Using the plastic shell instead of aluminum help cut the weight of this one by a whopping 1,000 pounds. And owing to the fact that the truck’s lighter, it’s bound to be a hell lot more fuel efficient too. Using plastic for truck bodies could help UPS increase its fuel efficiency levels by up to 40%, helping save about 84 million gallons of fuel annually!

    ABS plastic can also be easily recycled once the trucks are decommissioned, keeping a load of waste aluminum out of car graveyards.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 25, 2011