• Recycled Art – Mona Lisa recreated using old motherboards!

  • motherboard_mona_lisa.jpg
    When you think of a computer motherboard, chances are you don’t even think about using it aas anything apart from a motherboard. And when you think of a dysfunctional motherboard, chances are you only think about disposing it. Taiwan based ASUS hit two birds with one stone for their office. They wanted a Mona Lisa and obviously couldn’t get hold of the original, so they thought smart. They recreated Mona Lisa. Not by painting it on a canvas, but by using old PC motherboards. The artist they contacted mustn’t have ever thought in his wildest dreams about what was coming his way. Leonardo Da Vinci who has always thought of the future must be really proud I think. And the outcome was a beautiful Mona Lisa created by recycling old motherboards. This amazing work of geek art is displayed proudly in the lobby of the headquarters of ASUS in Peitou, Taiwan.

    [Technabob And Techeblog]

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