• Cooking oil used this Thanksgiving recycled into biofuels

  • You dug into your turkey dinner this thanksgiving and can’t wait for the next time a roasted turkey lands up on your dining table. It’s time you spare a thought for all that oil used up to cook your lovely meal. We stumbled across an astounding fact that will probably change the way we cook our thanksgiving and future turkey dinners. The oil used up for the purpose, could actually power up an 18 wheeler! A group of like minded individuals in New Orleans set out to collect all the oil used for cooking the turkeys. This will then be turned into biofuel. The initiative will be carried out till the 4th of December. Also, if you’ve got any cooking oil disposal to do, you can check out the campaign and initiative at operationreach.org.

    So, no longer do you need to sit wondering what to do with all that oil used to cook the turkey. Make sure it lands up in the right hands and is converted into biofuel!
    [NECN And KDLT News]

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on November 29, 2010