• The environment friendly wood burning stove from Scan 58

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    The wood burning stove from Scan 58, a leading design company from Denmark, is something you can brag about to your neighbors. These beautifully designed stoves look splendid and are efficient too. The stoves have lesser emission rates and are made entirely out of environment friendly materials. This is probably why these stoves deserve the Swan Label, the official Nordic ecolabel. A product is labeled by Swan when it is considered to be the cleanest in the market. Wood, a renewable resource, is used to fuel these stoves, and their CO2 emission does not exceed the quantity absorbed by the growth of new trees.

    The Scan 58 Series of stoves are built around an elliptical chamber, with a splendid view of the fire burning inside. They compromise of three burning chambers that are combinable with three plinths. You can also chose from three top plates made of steel, glass or heat accumulating soap stone. These stoves are capable of heating 300m3 with a heat output of 8kW and a 76% heating efficiency. Four different models are available with different configurations and trims. Make your home unique with the Scan 58 stove!

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