• Space tourism could lead to climate changes in future, all thanks to that grimy soot

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    Now every rose has a thorn and every diamond a few sharp edges. The world has been waiting eagerly for the dawn of space tourism, with everyone saving a bit for a trip to the outer space in the near future. Climate change researchers however are skeptical and state the claims of space tourism being environment-friendly untrue! And rightly so, space rockets could leave behind a trail of soot particles which will remain in the atmosphere for years. These will absorb all that lovely sunlight even we could use, before it hits the earth. The soot layer could cause the planet to cool up by 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit, heating up the ever-cold Antarctica by 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, equatorial areas could lose 1% of their ozone and the poles could end up gaining as much as 10% of ozone.

    These sure are environment changes we aren’t looking forward too. So, we’d better just spend our vacations down here on earth, or look for cleaner ways to tour the heavens above.

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