• Horizon’s hydrogen alternatives to AA batteries

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    Nothing in our environment gets as simple as hydrogen. This little simple element though has a great potential, especially when it comes to creating energy. Horizon has realized the potential of hydrogen and has developed the miniPAK, a device capable of charging a variety of portable electronics for longer durations and at a lower cost than existing disposable rechargeable batteries. With a power output of 2W (5V, 400mA) with a standard micro-USB port, the MiniPAK DC packs two refillable and ready to use solid state hydrogen cartridges that can also be refilled using Horizon’s HydroFill desktop refilling system instead of buying new one’s the HydroFill functions pretty simply, by adding water and plugging it in, or by simply using solar or wind energy.

    The HYDROSTIK cartridges are the better and more co-friendly alternatives to the batteries we use today and are sure to catch on, pushing AA batteries of the cliff.
    [Helablog And Arcolaenergy]

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