• Burgers go green with Burger King’s new environment-conscious restaurant in Germany

  • BurgerKing.jpg No longer do you need to worry about how much environmental damage that burger in your hands has caused. You can now munch away to glory, if you’re at Burger King that is. The Burger King Corp. recently pulled the veil off its new energy efficient BURGER KING restaurant that recently flung open its doors to welcome fast-food maniacs in Waghäusel, Germany. This burger joint uses high-tech systems to power up 1/3rd of its electricity needs with renewable energy. Which means, that the restaurant will have reduce energy costs by 45% and emissions by around 1201 metric tons annually.

    Using solar photovoltaic cells and wind turbines, the BURGER KING has cut down on its electricity bills by half and uses an interior heat recovery ventilation system that cools and heats the restaurant. It also uses LED lighting while excess heat loss is captured to generate hot water. 720 solar photovoltaic modules generate over 53,500 kWh of electricity per year and the restaurant equips a solar-powered EV charging station too. That’s one green burger joint!

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