• Solar powered battery charger with 29 different adapters to power up you devices

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    A lot of us spend a good part of our income on electronics, those little devices that help us communicate, entertain ourselves and are ever handy, making our lives easier. But these little devices need to be charged up too. So, we end up with a box-full of different chargers, to power them up, which also means, an increased usage of electricity form the grid.

    Well, you don’t need to rely on the grid anymore to power up your devices, the sun’s ready to help using this solar powered battery charger. It also comes packed with 29 different adapters, ready for use. The 20,000mAh battery can power up your laptop, with 19 adapters dedicated to different laptop types, using the sun. 14 adapters for cameras, phones and the PSP keep your devices charged up. Using solar power, charging time extends to 8 to 10 hours, while an AC adapter takes just 3 hours. Hook up you devices to this charger for just $148.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on May 18, 2010