• PC cases go woody with Foxconn’s eco-friendly bamboo PC chassis!

  • Foxconn_case.jpg
    Give your computer that authentic and woody look with Foxconn’s PC cases made partly of eco-friendly bamboo! This PC case sure looks strong and attractive and is a treat for the eyes. The company released two of these bamboo cases. The mid-tower case called the Bamboo One has its front cut out of bamboo. Though, like every other good thing, this PC case suffers from the fact that the drive bay covers are not cut out from the same wood as the rest of the case’s front resulting in miss-matched textures. The side vent cover of this PC case is also made of bamboo. Those looking for a woody HTPC system can opt for the smaller case known as the Bamboo II.

    However, unlike the Bamboo One, this chassis has its front made out of a single bamboo, due to which it has uniformity in color. Those planning to turn their wooden hall showcases into entertainment systems would love the Bamboo II. Go get yourself these woody bamboo cases for a natural PC experience!

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