• Intel designs stunning OLED-display Home Energy Management System concept

  • inteloledlead.jpg
    Intel’s new home tablet does more than just providing weather and video apps. Its main feature is an energy management system which can monitor your overall energy usage. It works with your local power company due to analyze energy consumed by different devices in your home. It also provides suggestions on how to lower energy consumption. It can also provide updates about government subsidies and newly developed energy saving appliances. Its interface is designed on a Windows XP back-end and the 11.2 inch OLED display is quite stylish too.

    Though it is still a concept at this stage, Intel believes that such energy management systems are not far in the future and they can help in a great way by providing real-time energy usage patterns to regulate consumption.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on April 8, 2010