• BMW i8 to surge ahead on hydrogen fuel

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    Putting its eco-friendly line in overdrive, BMW have unleashed the possibilities of the i8 Concept that runs on hydrogen fuel. In addition to its unparalleled, futuristic swag, the car is here to take on Toyota’s offering. The car has not been christened in all its glory as yet and continues to be a prototype that’s only getting better with each passing day. The company has been researching on hydrogen fuel for nearly three decades, which doesn’t really boast about their speed of operation. On the other hand Toyota’s 2016 Mirai will be available as the first hydrogen fuel cell EV, next year. Both companies formed a joint venture to leverage Toyota’s fuel cell expertise to the fullest. This explains why the i8 model will brag the same fuel cell technology that the 2016 Mirai will contain.

    At the end of the day, it’s all for the good of the planet. The car will most likely be able to drive 245 ponies and have a drive range of an incredible 300 miles!



    [Via – Slash Gear]

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