• London, one of the most polluted cities in Europe flouts EU regulations yet again

  • 2.jpgIf you live in London and think the air around you to be sparkling clean, hit yourself on your head. You are completely delusional! The city is one of the most polluted in Europe. For the 36th time this year, pollution monitoring equipment in the city displayed some pretty shocking and dangerously high levels. No more than 35 such days are allowed in Britain, and London has crossed that mark by one more polluted day. This breach of EU levels has left the government pink with embarrassment. Just three weeks ago, a final warning was sent to improve the quality of air, and now this.

    The government has now pleaded for an extension of up to 2011 to clean up its act. However, this might seem unlikely, taken that London has been gracefully breaking EU pollution laws since the last five years! Londoners! Arise! And go green!

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