• Butterfly wing vertical farm concept for New York City

  • vincent dragonfly.jpg
    I don’t get it. People have been coming up with such strange ideas for New York city, I can’t seem to wonder where is the space for all this! There was news sometime ago regarding a settlement in air and now here is a vertical farm based on the wings of a butterfly. Yes, literally that. Belgian based Vincent Callebaut Architectures has come up with a dragonfly vertical farm concept in the city located along the east river at the south edge of Rooselvelt Island in New York city. The tower will apparently be self sufficient in water, energy and bio fertilizing. It will have 132 floors and 600 vertical meters and will be able to accommodate 28 different agricultural fields for the production of fruit, vegetables, grains, meat and dairy.

    There will be houses, offices and research laboratories as well as leisure spaces with gardens, kitchen gardens, orchards, meadows, rice fields, farms and suspended fields. There will be various elevators and stair wells for animals, human being, etc. The most green feature of this vertical (weird) farm is that it will be separating the inputs and the outputs recycled from plants, animals and human beings. The total area of this metabolic farm for urban agriculture (read as a disastrous cruelty to nature) will have around 132 floors with 28 agricultural fields.