• Park Spark digester disposes off dog poop to light a lamp

  • Park-Spark-1.jpg
    Dog poop sure stinks, and is probably the worst your lovable canine could do. Keeping it off your shoes and that of others can be annoying too, which is why, responsible dog owners make sure their doggie poop lands up in the right place, and not on footpaths. Well, that’s all right, though what you probably haven’t figured out all you dog lovers, is that the poop your canine leaves behind, creates greenhouse gases like methane, continually. So, this week in Cambridge, Massachusetts, dog park, a big tank with Park Spark painted bold on it was unveiled, a digester that helps dispose of dog poop, responsibly and in an environment friendly way. The digester converts all this into burnable methane, and uses the energy created to light a lamppost.

    All you do is have the poop go into the digester’s feeding tube, turn a crank and you’ve got yourself some renewable energy to power up a lamp. Indeed a clever an innovative idea!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on September 13, 2010